About Us

Our Company was established from 2002 to until now

We did the decoration with Aluminum & Glass, Composite Panel Cladding, Gypsum & Plaster Ceiling, Roller Shutter & General Iron Works, Stainless Stell & General Painting, Ply Formica & Chip Board Furniture, Teak Furniture & Parquet, Ready Made Floor Works, Interior, Exterior Decoration & Design, General Construction & Steel Structure Building.

RCC Residential Building, Office Building and Steel Structure Buildings Our Partnerships

We can finish Steel Structure fabrication 10 Tons/Par Day at North Dagon, Factory. Also partnership with Steel Mesh Pte.,Ltd. from Singapore.

For Electrical Installation Work

Stable Engineering Electrical Company is take part for our electrical installation work.

Aluminum Glass
Ply Formiea & Chip Board Furniture
Gypsum And Plaster Ceiling
Composite panel cladding
teak furniture & parquest. ready made floor work
roller shutter & iron works
stainless steel and general painting
general construction & steel structure building
interior, exterior decoration & design

Organization Chart